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To our surprise, we found the Open Mic to be the beating heart of Wild Rose Moon.

We open our doors every 1rst and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 7 to 9:30 pm  to host an opportunity for local and regional artists to showcase and develop their performance skills—they can read poetry, sing, do magic, tell jokes, recite from a play, tell a story; we even had a lecture on blue gill.  The whole evening is free, (there is a donation jar) and we offer cookies and coffee, tea and water to our guests. 

If you wish to sign up for the Open Mic, these are the important details you need to know: 

Length of Performance: 

Each Open Mic slot consists of a set no longer than 3 songs or 15 minutes, whichever comes first. (Remember, you can always be shorter than that).  Please abide by this rule and recognize the house has a responsibility—to the audience, the next performer, and the volunteer staff who make The Moon run. 

Upon Arrival: 

Once you arrive at Open Mic, please familiarize yourself with your time slot and introduce yourself to the person in charge of Open Mic for that evening: George Schricker.  He will be introducing you.  Please be prepared to take the stage expediently, after the act before you has finished and after your introduction by the host.  Please have your instrument tuned and ready.  Please help us by keeping as many instrument cases on the lower level as possible. 

Preparing to Perform: 

We appreciate it if you can have rehearsed or gone over the material you wish to share in advance.  Improvisational artists, poets, and comedians need to contact management in advance to discuss their sets.  We are a family-friendly environment and language should be adjusted accordingly for all performers. 

Number of Slots: 

There are only 8 slots available. All 8 of these are available in advance by filling out the form below and sending it to us.  If you know someone who doesn’t have access to the web, they may call us to sign up at 574-276-1185 and we will sign them up during the call.  All slots are available on a first come first serve basis. 

Return Performances: 

Once you have played an Open Mic at The Moon please refrain from signing up for a slot on the following Open Mic.  If you wish to wait to see if a slot is open on the next Open Mic, you may sign up at the 15 minute break (approximately 8:00 p.m.), at the discretion of the host for the evening. 

Listening to Others: 

We know that time is very precious and people are on hurried schedules, nonetheless, we believe all performers benefit from an active listening practice, which Open Mic calls forth.  With this in mind, please be considerate and try to stay for the duration of the evening to support other Open Mic performers.  Our goal with Open Mic is to offer performers the opportunity to share their talents and have feedback regarding their work.  Wild Rose Moon is an active community that supports all the performance arts.  We believe performers and audiences are co-creative and help each other to improve, refine their arts, and grow in their ability to help others to do the same. 

A note about bands and keyboard players.

Bands: Because of set-up time, bands of more than 3 pieces are limited to signing up for one slot only on an Open Mic night.  This is the slot immediately following the fifteen minute break, as it will be during this period when the band sets up. Bands that play in this slot should be prepared to stay for the rest of Open Mic, as some instruments may need to be left on stage until the end of the evening.  We regret that we cannot accommodate complete drum sets or large amps.  Wild Rose Moon has a small bass amp available for your use. 

Keyboard Players: 

Please notify us in advance if you are to use our electric piano (Yamaha P-80/weighted keys), or house piano (upright Gulbransen) so technical staff can take the appropriate steps to ready the instrument for performance.  People bringing their own keyboards should notify us as to their requirements for connecting to house sound. 

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