Day Workshops

The Wild Rose Moon provides workshops for the following programs........

Wild Rose Moon is an ideal place to hold workshops of all types and kinds, whether public or private.  The warm ambiance and artful décor, help create an environment where creative ideas soar  and invigorated thinking and discussions coalesce to make productive, meaningful learning experiences.

Wild Rose Moon has a kitchen that can be used as a staging area for catered food.  In addition, our antique, 18 foot silver cabinet, serves as the perfect dispensary for premade sandwiches, salads, and desserts. 

We have had workshops and presentations in poetry, guitar technique, city planning, creative dramatics, and African drumming and dancing. 

Our stage makes an excellent place for speakers, and our main room holds up to 70 comfortably.  In addition, our lower level makes breaking up into work groups both easy and fun.  And both areas have service  areas for food and refreshments, as well as restroom facilities. 

In order to book a workshop at Wild Rose Moon one first needs to secure a membership at The Moon and then arrange booking with Marcia Heintzberger.  Marcia can present you with day rates and facility details.   Once a date and arrangements are secured, you will be asked to sign a contract and provide a deposit in order to secure the date. 


Evening Workshops

In addition to all day workshops, Wild Rose Moon supports the building of a performing arts community by opening our space to a variety of evening workshops.  Besides offering our Open Mic Series—really a kind  of workshop in the art of performing—we also have sponsored workshops in African Dance and Improvisational Theater.  As part of our Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour we offer a practical workshop in   comedy writing, and we are open to workshops in poetry, storytelling, and mime—anything that can culminate in holding a final performance at The Moon. 

Our workshops are lead by different individuals (all Friends of The Moon) and they can be most easily accessed via our website’s link to our Face Book page.