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Friends of the Moon - Memberships

Wild Rose Moon has lots of ways you can support us.

Help make the Moon Shine!  When you become a member of Wild Rose Moon Performing Arts Center, you help create an energy center in Historic Downtown Plymouth.  This dynamic and inventive activity helps bring persons in multiple artistic fields to town.  Singer-songwriters, actors, sound engineers, script writers, house managers, agents, photographers, lighting designers, poster and ad designers, computer technicians, and set designers are all part of the crew that make Wild Rose Moon go. 

These people, along with all the dynamic audiences that support them, make Wild Rose Moon a nexus of creativity and design—priming the pump as it were for the development of original shows, like The Wild Rose Moon Radio Hour and future projects.  When you join Wild Rose Moon you become part of this dynamic creative team.

Types of Memberships 

Individual - $100

Senior - Student - $50

Fixed Income - $25

Family - $250

Event Underwriter - $500

Radio Show Underwriter - $1,000 


Underwriting a program at The Moon allows you and/or your business to make a statement.  When you underwrite with Wild Rose Moon you send a message that your business values creativity, innovation and a commitment to community hospitality and excellence.


We need you!

Wild Rose Moon depends on volunteers to fulfill its mission.  Areas of need include: ticket takers, housekeepers, auditorium managers, docents, ushers, green room attendants, refreshment table attendants.   In addition, we need more technical volunteers such as: web site maintenance, Facebook upkeep, You Tube video editors, bookkeeping, membership coordinators, volunteer coordinators, and poster designers.


If you have skills in any of these areas, please contact us.

Top 10 Reasons to Support the Moon

#1 - Build Excitement in Our Town/Region as a Creative Place to Work and Play! 

#2 - Create Connections with Regional Educational Institutions

#3 - Construct a Vast Network of Creativity and Innovation

#4 - Support Established Local Business

#5 - Provide Incubation of New Businesses in the Arts 

#6 - Empower the Development of a New Educational Institution

#7 - Harness production and performance arts as teaching tools

#8 - Promote the Development of Original Productions

#9 - Express our Small Town Values 

#10 - Have a Truly Unique and Vibrant Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests, Family, and Prospective Employees