performance programs

Wild Rose Moon runs two different singer-songwriter performance series, a Feature Series, and a Showcase Series. 

Our Feature Series consists of either singer-songwriters or bands.  Examples of feature performers include, Mike Vial, Denny and Lorrie Snyder, Danika Holmes & Jeb Hart, Francis Luke Accord, Mark Dvorak, and The Matchsellers. 

These performers have an ambitious touring life and are busy promoting their careers through albums, shows, and an active web presence.


Our Showcase Series is drawn from local and regional artists who have performed at Open Mic and may or may not be building a performance career.  This series helps support the local performers in a way that may help them develop touring careers. 

Tickets for these performances are available locally at A.S.K. for Flowers and Wagoner’s Music.  You can find them online (for a small surcharge) at

EventBright link.